My entire life, I have always been curious, always wanting to understand how things work, why things are done the way they are, and how can we make or do them better. My early career path was construction, and this has built the foundations for the work ethic I maintain today, which is, give your work 110% effort. While initially, this was only a motivating aspect to maintain my job in the busy hustle of the industry at the time, I quickly learned that doing the job correctly the first time, and doing it with pride, produced the best results possible. This is also the time I learned the true meaning of “Work smarter, not harder”, and leveraged that in every task I performed. I would find new and better ways of doing things. This allowed me to produce more work than others, and often, the quality of work was far superior in quality.

Today, I can apply that same mentality in my career in Information Technology. This has been the biggest asset in my career, especially since I changed careers later in life them most. I was 31 when I switched to IT from construction. Many employers would not consider me a valuable, or skilled resource as I had limited, to no professional experience. Once given a chance, I was compelled to exceed everyone’s expectations. I would look for the assignments that others ran from. These would be the projects with limited documentation or working with rude, or ungrateful resources. I would have to find crafty resources and think fast on my feet to resolve any of the tasks these projects demanded. In every instance, I managed to come out on top and would always learn new skills and processes while performing my duties.

Today, I still maintain the core principles that have helped me get to where I am now, but I have not stopped! I continue to volunteer for projects that I might not have the best skill set for, but know I will challenge myself with, and grow from. With this new knowledge gained, I ensure that others have the necessary support and resources I lacked when I started my journey in this field. I love to teach others what I know as it helps reinforce within myself that I understand these skills. Teaching outers allows me to help strengthen my team and help them grow and advance their careers. While I have already proven myself a competent person in my chosen field, I still go out of my way to keep up with the latest tools and processes as I know there is always a different way of doing things, and I continue to want to refine and improve the way I work.

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