An Imagined Letter from the TrueCrypt Developer(s)

As I wrote yesterday, we know virtually nothing about the developer(s) behind TrueCrypt. So any speculation we entertain about their feelings, motives, or thought processes can only be a reflection of our own. With that acknowledgement, I’ll share the letter I think they might have written:

TrueCrypt is software. Frankly, it’s incredibly great software. It’s large, complex and multi-platform. It has been painstakingly designed and implemented to provide the best security available anywhere. And it does. It is the best and most secure software modern computer science has been able to create. It is a miracle, and a gift, and it has been a labor of love we have toiled away, thanklessly for a decade, to provide to the world… for free.

TrueCrypt is open source. Anyone could verify it, trust it, give back, contribute time, talent or money and help it to flourish. But no one has helped. Most just use it, question it and criticize it, while requiring it to be free, and complaining when it doesn’t work with this or that new system.

After ten years of this mostly thankless and anonymous work, we’re tired. We’ve done our part. We have what we want. And we feel good about what we have created and freely given. Do we use it?  Hell yes.  As far as we know, TrueCrypt is utterly uncrackable, and plenty of real world experience, and ruthlessly still-protected drives, back up that belief.

But hard drives have finally exceeded the traditional MBR partition table’s 32-bit sector count. 2.2 terabytes is not enough. So the world is moving to the GPT. But we’re not. We’re done. You’re on your own now. No more free lunch.

We’re not bitter. Mostly we’re just tired and done with TrueCrypt. Like we wrote above, as far as we know today, it is a flawless expression of cryptographic software art. And we’re very proud of it. But TrueCrypt, which we love, has been an obligation hanging over our heads for so long that we’ve decided to not only shut it down, but to shoot it in the head. If you believe we’re not shooting blanks you may want to switch to something else. Our point is, now, finally, it’s on you, not us.

Good luck with your NSA, CIA, and FBI.

Please also see Brad Kovach’s blog posting about this topic. Very useful.


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